If you have been on Instagram or any of the other social media websites recently, you must have realized that this is the era of the butt. Big, curvaceous derrieres are in, and everyone wants a piece of this pie. Women on the heavier or curvier side finally have something to rejoice about. For those who are interesting in joining the bigger butt club, squats, lunges and other such exercises are recommended without a thought. However, there is a limit to how many repetitions you can do of these particular exercises. Moreover, they may not be as impactful as you want them to be.

A little known fact is that you can do a variety of outdoor activities, sports and exercises that engage your legs and butt in such an intense yet effective way that the butt of your dreams can finally be a reality. Some unusual exercises include home workout videos like Yoga Burn. Check out their Booty Challenge review at https://bigbluetest.org/yoga-burn-booty-challenge-review/.

Here is a list of the most effective outdoor activities and sports that will help you achieve a more prominent, rounder and more bootylicious butt.


Climbing is one of those activities that engage your glutes intensely. With this dynamic outdoor activity, your butt muscles are engaged with every single move you make. The more you climb or, the more intensely you climb, the more these muscles get exerted and the endurance increases.

This means that your fitness levels are sure to see a huge jump. While soaring mountains would be great, it may not be practically possible. In such a scenario, just running up a steep incline or hill can be a great substitute. The benefits you experience will be almost the same. Additionally, to kick things up to maximum overdrive, make sure you squeeze your glutes with each step.

Beach Volleyball

As we said in the introduction, lunges and squats are one of the best exercises to grow your backside. Volleyball as a sport inherently involves movements that mimic squatting and performing lunges.

In the case of beach volleyball, playing on the sand adds an extra layer of resistance to the routine that includes these classic moves. Moreover, given the rapid pace of this sport, your whole body is actively engaged in a workout that is sure to put your butt’s muscles to great use.


Runners are part of a different breed and understandably, running like your life depends on it for entertainment purposes may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people enjoy running track, and others are avid joggers.

Even if you love sprinting away on the treadmill, you still fit the bill. The sudden act of racing helps work the muscles in your glutes. This action compels the body to generate and burn energy, toning your butt anaerobically. Running is also useful in weight loss as it skillfully cuts down the most percentage of calories.


In the case of skating, you push and slide on your feet. This act of tensing the muscles in the glutes activates and engages this part. Skating is also an impactful cardiovascular exercise that helps build balance. This heavily impacts the butt, helping it become more toned and bootylicious.


Cycling is one of those childhood activities that many of us enjoy. This activity doesn’t feel like too much work and can help in strengthening the joints. This lower body-engaging workout is low-impact, and it skillfully tones the glutes. Additionally, it also works on the leg muscles, giving you a more shapely lower body.

For those who want to take it to the next level, cycling on inclines and through steep hills may offer the perfect workout. If you can’t cycle outdoors, the stationary bike at your local gym will do just as well. Just remember to kick up the intensity and resistance setting up every week or so to keep the muscles in the area in peak condition.