Are you a 3D printing enthusiast? And a sports fan? Here’s amazing news for you: both things can be mixed together to create useful items. All it takes is passion and imagination.

To print cardstocks, for example, you need a reliable cardstock printer. However, to print 3D items, you’ll need a little bit of creativity to go with your 3D printer.

3D printing has already found its way into a lot of things around us, and there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be used to revolutionize the way we practice our sports.

• 3D Printed Prosthesis

This is one of the most important uses of 3D printing.

Creating artificial body parts such as arms and legs can help anyone that had to have a limb amputated get back to their favorite activity.

• 3D Printed Masks

3D Printed Masks

3D printed masks have been a great match for nose injuries.

Basically, a 3D software is used to digitize al the details of a player’s face. Then, the company can use this information to print a fully customized mask.

3D printed masks protect the players and generally reduces their period of inactivity due to injury. It’s definitely an accessory that gets noticed and is very important in the field.

Cavendish and Younext are two 3D printing services that can provide you with these protective masks. The latter even made one for the famous footballer Sergio Ramos.

These masks are made from carbon fibers which is a material that is as strong as steel but doesn’t even weigh half as much. Matter of fact, it only weighs 65 grams.

Moreover, they’re padded with soft material and are attached to the player’s head with an elastic band.

• 3D Printed Shin Guards

If you’re looking for this indispensable accessory, you can easily find it at the Austrian startup Zweikampf.

The founder had the idea because he suffers from chronic tibia inflammation and finding a suitable shin guard was a tedious task for him.

That’s why he turned to 3D technology to design a customized device to be more durable and a lot lighter.

Andreas Ivanschitz –the Austrian player- wears those shin guards and is very satisfied with the result.

• 3D Printed Mouthguards

A New York-based company called Guardlab produces tooth protectors using 3D printing technology.

These mouthguards are carried out to protect players from impacts that happen during sports in which contact is made between people such as boxing.

They provide players with maximum comfort and safety.

• 3D Printed Bikes

Instead of 3D printing filaments, ColorFabb took a detour to 3D print whole road bikes.

The technology results in a bike that is quite strong and very lightweight –the ultimate combination from the Ultimaker Original.

• 3D Printed Skis

Stratasys, an American manufacturer, 3D printed a ski set in 2014.

They are equipped with 3D printed parts from FDM machines.

They use ULTEM 9085 which is a thermoplastic offering mechanical and thermal resistance.

• 3D Printing Figurines

Another great way to make use of 3D printing is to bring your favorite players to life.

You can simply order a 3D printed figurine of your favorite player. A German company called Staramba gives you a nice selection from football teams such as Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, and Atletico.