The word sport is not just a five letter word. All of us enjoyed playing sports. Games and sports are essential for physical and mental wellbeing. A professional sportsperson can win medals for the country and get name, fame, and money. But anyone can experience the joy of playing games. The part about the sports is that for enjoying any game, you need not be the champion of that sport.
Sports and anxiety-

If you introduce sports in your routine life, then you can get excellent physical and mental health. All of us know that all outdoor sports require lots of physical activity and considered an ideal exercise. But usually, we ignore the mental benefits of playing sports. While playing any game, you need to be active and alert, if you are thinking about something else than you may lose the game. In the state of mental alertness, minds work on its fullest capacity and you are not bothered about past and future events which is the leading cause of anxiety. During the game, you are thinking about only the present activity, and it is best for mental health.

Anxiety, stress, and depression
Stress is part and parcel of life you cannot find any activity which can not cause stress. It is not possible at all to eliminate the stress from your life. The only thing that is possible for us is that we can minimize stress and do a specific activity that helps in the reduction of stress. The CBD vape oil is beneficial for all of us.
Now it is proved, by various scientific researches that any physical activity can reduce the metal stress significantly. Stress and anxiety is primarily a mental ailment, but it also affects the physical body significantly. Notably, the physical and mental body are closely related to each other. The chemical changes in the mind affect the physical body significantly.

Symptoms of anxiety
• The feeling of restlessness and nervousness.
• Fear of impending danger, panic or doom.
• Feeling weak and low in energy levels.
• Sleep disorder.
• Irrational fear.
• Often a strong urge is experienced by patents of anxiety; to avoid those things that trigger anxiety.

Sports and anxiety
Sports are the most straightforward physical activity anyone can do for physical and mental well being. From various studies, it is evident that sports can be proved to be very helpful in dealing with anxiety. Sports help in the reduction of depression also.

How sports can reduce anxiety
Different sports such as cycling, swimming, football, basketball, etc. are considered as a good exercise for physical and mental health. Several indoor sports are also proved to be very useful in dealing with anxiety. The primary reason for anxiety is a sequence of negative thought pattern about past or future events. If your mind engaged in the present activity, then you do not have time to think about the future or past.
Primarily the pattern of thinking affects mental activity significantly. If the thought pattern is definite and you are thinking about some fantastic incidents that happened to you, then you will automatically start feeling joyful and started enjoying every small activity that you are doing.

Many doctors recommend that as you increase the level of mental activity, the anxiety decreases significantly. And sports are the best physical activity. It is also advisable to do such physical activities which make you feel happy. So you can choose any game that you like to play and create positive emotions and thoughts.