6 Most Suitable Plants For Your Windowsill

Plants are the best ways to add freshness to your home. And for a gardening enthusiast, every corner is essential. Outdoor gardens are never enough for them. So, they end up finishing their homes with plants only. If you’re the one, you know it exactly how plants are the ideal decors for a house. But, it is not that easy; maintaining green feel inside your home needs a bit of caution and smartness. If you are going to renovate it with plants, consider starting it with the windowsill of your house. It is the perfect place where plants receive maximum sunlight, air, and light. And it really makes sense to give a green look to windows. This post will help you in bringing the beauty of nature to your windowsill.



What’s the better way to highlight your window bed other than some orchids and daisies. They don’t only accentuate the other decors of your home, but also make your home aromatic. Yes, you can save a hundred bucks you spend on buying the best home deodorizers. You have got the feels maybe already! Coming back to these flowers, they both come in different textures. And can be nurtured in different environmental conditions. So, look at your window and decide according to space. And once you start witnessing the blossoms, forget about the unwanted odors coming out of your home — Daisy cloud up all the smells emerging from the different appliances. And yes! You get a clear popping image for your window.




This one is my favorite pick for the kitchen and window area. Rosemary is one of the necessary ingredients that I use while making beverages. And believe me, every time I receive compliments for it. It is a tender perennial that enjoys full sun and moisture to thrive indoors. Luckily, cold conditions are the most favorable for growing this rare beauty. And as winter is here, don’t wait for long to give your window a whole green rose. One more thing, rosemary shares an intense fragrance. So, you are going to bring in all the fresh feel with it.



Now, when you are designing your windowsill, what about adding some healing shrubs? Yes, we can say a certain kind of magic is associated with this lush green plant. Aloe-vera is one of the primary ingredients to solve many winter woes. Whether it’s your skin, scalp, or stomach, it can reset everything. When I was adding this plant to my indoor green family, I wasn’t sure. But, now, it reminds me every time of my first aid arsenal. Additionally, planting aloe vera indoors adds variety to your window garden. It looks lovely. And the plus is you don’t have to spend more time on its maintenance.




Oh! This sounds really nice. I remember my childhood when living in the strawberry world was my biggest dream. Of course, you too have once loved the charming animated character, Strawberry Shortcake. Sadly, the place where I’m residing right now doesn’t support strawberry gardening. But, if you dwell in a freezing zone, you can make your dream a reality. And surely, your kids are going to adore you for this addition.


Also, your red kid is going to give you all the sweat feels you were missing for a long ago. I know you must be thinking of the place requirements. Don’t worry, you can buy a strawberry pot, and start your grow. In fact, growers across the world claim that windowsill is the best place to plant indoor strawberries.


Dwarf Lemon


Would you mind adding some flavor to the window bed? Like some lemons? Of course, you would love to get on with the idea. Lemon fruit not only beautifies your entire hall room but also add a nature-full touch to your house. The wholesome aroma of this plant purifies your full home. And it also keeps pests and molds away from your other plants. Every family needs a protector. And by including a dwarf lemon tree, you guard the whole green windowsill family. In a few easy steps, you can grow this tree. And the beauty is, you get your daily dose of detoxification in your small yard.


Loose Leaf Lettuce


In your window greens, adding lettuce is a brave move. When you are uniting so much, there’s no reason to avoid loose-leaf lettuce. Growing it is easier after all, how can we ignore it? What I like about this salad companion is that it does not need sunlight. It means you don’t strictly need a sunny window to make them a green member. For fun, you can do a thing. By combining red and green lettuce, you can bring in more textures to your window area.




To summarize, if you are going to decorate the windowsill with greens, consider different varieties. Adding one color to the window patio can make it look dull and boring. So, bring in some pop-up, some fun, and a lot of freshness.