5 Products That Can Help You Get Rid Of Eye Puffiness

Well, I would clarify one thing before I start, the teeny really expensive creams that promise to depuff your eyes in seconds are really duping you. There is no way you can force your body to depuff in a matter of minutes.


When we are younger, all you have to do is splash some water on your face, and you are good to go. As we get older, a lot more than water is required to calm down the bags under the eyes.


Now they not only pop up when we don’t get enough sleep but also when we decide to get too adventurous and have one too many margaritas or have allergies acting up or maybe even when we cry too much or have too much salt in our food.


Puffiness under the eyes comes from fluid retention due to all the reasons stated above, and they can be fixed only with time. The body has an entire process in which the fluid breaks down naturally and drains the liquid on its own.

No miracle product can help instantly depuff eyes, but certain ingredients aid the depuffing process. These are caffeine and specific antioxidants.


The Skin Around The Eyes

Around the eyes, the skin is thin and delicate, and as we age, the tissues and muscles around them weaken. When that happens, fat deposits that are evenly distributed around the eyes can anchor themselves to the eyelids, causing the creation of bags.


Another thing that can happen with age but doesn’t usually happen is the buildup of fluid under the eyes.


A commonly used analogy to describe this phenomenon is that of a balloon deflating. As a balloon deflates, loose material develops. As we get older, we lose fat, causing deflation and the appearance of puffiness.


Lifestyle Issues

As we get older, a lot of what happens has to do with age. Eye puffiness too gets worse with age. But if you want to manage the puffiness under your eyes, you can begin with getting enough sleep and lowering your salt intake.


Other tips to reduce the bags under your eyes are:


Avoid Rubbing Your eyes

Some people have a habit of rubbing their eyes. If you are one too. I suggest you stop. All you do when you rub your eyes is to increase the inflammation and discomfort.


Use Cold Compress

For providing some relief to your under-eye area, all you have to do is use a chilled cloth or an eye mask. They help in reducing the appearance of bags.


Search For Epidermal Growth Factor As An Ingredient In Creams

If you want to help your eye puffiness, there is one ingredient that works better than the rest, and that is an epidermal growth factor.


Everyone has some amount of epidermal growth factor in their skin, but as we age, it deteriorates. Finding outside sources helps manage these issues.


The Best Eye Creams

Now, these aren’t magic creams, and before you begin this list, you need to understand that these will not change anything overnight. They will help tone down the appearance, but complete removal of the said issues depends on your routine and habits.

But till the time you make the changes pertaining to your lifestyle, here is something to shrink those puppies down.


Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Cream

This cream, frequently recommended by dermatologists, is packed with all the right things. There is green tea for soothing, vitamin c for brightening, caffeine for tightening, and aloe because aloe is always great.


If every excellent ingredient had to be lined and mixed, this silky, healthy balm would be achieved on the other end.  You can use it to hydrate your skin overnight, or you could use it as a makeup primer. It is a versatile product worth every penny you decide to spend.


 Clinique All About The Eyes De-Puffing Eye Massage

There is a reason that Clinique has been around for all these years. They know how to get skincare right.


This spiked caffeine formula is powered with Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate. Both ingredients that fill up your skin with water to make it seem plumper. Other ingredient callouts include a mix of calming and brightening antioxidants.


Pro Tip: Stick it in the fridge between uses for the ultimate cooling effect.


Kiehl’s Eye Fuel

The way caffeine is excellent to get you through a rough morning, this eye cream gets your eyes through something similar. Caffeine is known to constrict blood vessels under the skin, which then leads to less fluid buildup around your eyes.


This is what a cup of coffee equivalent for your under-eye look like. A few dabs of the formula, and you look and feel at least a little energized.


Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Anti-Puff Eye Roller

The drugstore queen of dark circles. This little stick has made an appearance everywhere. From Instagram to the best beauty buy, it is an excellent formula for your under eyes.


Let’s begin with the cool tip rollerball design that pivotal in breaking up the fluid as you roll it across your under the eye. Additionally, you have vitamin C aiding in brightening and caffeine to tighten your under eye. Plus, it is really affordable.


Honest Beauty The Depuffed  Eye

A natural product does not necessarily translate to a better outcome. That’s a fact, but luckily this one is a great product, and it’s natural too.


It has some true powerhouse ingredients like antioxidant green tea and anti-inflammatory marigold extract along with caffeine. A clean beauty essential for everybody.


These products can only aid in depuffing your eyes. The identification of core issues still remains to be done by you for a bright and tight under eye area.