How CBD Can Help Mothers Ace The Parenting Game?

You think gold mining is tough? Not really!! If you compare that to parenting, that’s what the answer would be. Parenting is one of the toughest jobs out there. Now, talking about mothers, it gets even more challenging. That’s because taking care of kids is not the only thing they have to do. Work, and other trivial tasks make managing kids pretty tough. Honestly, it’s stressful too. A study was conducted that recorded the sleeping time of 5800 parents. Only 48 percent of ladies admitted to getting 7 hours of sleep. This clearly points to the growing problem for mothers these days. Do we have a solution? Yes we do! It’s CBD. Cannabidiol has emerged as a much-needed therapy. In fact, a lot of CBD centered companies are run by women. A report shows that 27 percent of cannabis companies are managed by women. Well, there are a lot of products that are ideally suited for women. Let’s have a look at them.


Skincare products make up majority of the topicals. These include lotions, facial creams, lip liners, eye salves, and other products. There are multiple companies that have revolutionized the CBD game. For instance, Plant People runs an attractive line of products that include tinctures, serums, face masks, and lotions. Most of these products contain CBD and a newly discovered cannabinoid called CBC(cannabichromene). It’s pretty similar to CBD and binds to pain receptors to reduce any form of pain. The best thing about topicals is that they are easy to use and effective.


Scented candles are synonymous with a relaxing vibe. It’s the scent that works and if you have an element of herb in it, that’s even better. Candles pack a strong market. It topped over $3 billion in 2013 and this clearly points to the scale of use. There are multiple companies that run an attractive line of products. For instance, Homesick is a brand that has developed a special cannabis scented candle. Well, that’s not the only scent they have. The list includes musk, cedarwood, sandalwood, bergamot, and patchouli. The candles are made using a special soy-wax blend and lasts up to 80 hours.

Cupcakes are love

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? They are yum and pretty much portable too. Cupcakes serve as an ideal coping mechanism for people from all walks of life. Talking about moms, they are an ideal escape. Infusion of cannabis enhances the effectiveness to a great extent. It basically falls under the category of edibles. CBD infused edibles are high on the priority list of many patients. That’s because they save you from the smoke and presence of CBD ensures you don’t feel any kind of intoxication.


Heard of Cannacakebabes? They are an outlet based out of Las Vegas that sells cannabis infused jar cupcakes. Each jar contains about 25 mg of CBD that equates to two servings. So, each bite packs a punch of relaxation that is perfect after a tiring day.


The thing that separates cannabidiol from THC is the fact that it’s non-psychoactive. So, that does not produce a high and that is ideal for working ladies. Managing kids can be pretty tiring. So, CBD oil is the remedy you need. Most oil manufacturers provide multiple flavors, so, you do have the options. Although it’s effective, you should always keep an eye on the label. It’s the extraction that matters. The CO2 extraction method is a safe and effective way to source the oil.

How to figure out the right dose?

THC infused products carry the risk of intoxication. With CBD, it’s safer. Well, if you are new to the cannabis experience, you should start slow. That’s because every person has a different biology. So, you don’t really know how cannabis will affect you. So, you should take low doses initially and observe how it makes you feel. There will be a point where you’ll actually feel the relaxation. That’s the dose you need to figure out. Once you are aware of the right dose, managing stress will be a lot easier for you. The burden of responsibilities can extract the juice out of your life. With CBD, being a mom would be easier.


Cannabis, in general, is great for your body. There is nothing wrong with THC. It’s great for managing a lot of conditions. You’ll just need a medical marijuana card to source products containing THC. CBD is more of a relaxant. So, it’s better for mothers to indulge in something relaxing.