4 Things we All Wish For Our Beloved Dogs

Do you look at your dogs and think something like, “I wish they could speak,” or “I wish they could live a bit longer”? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Dogs are just like a part of our families, and they will love you unconditionally. All they need in return is your love, care, and affection.


Dogs are amazing, they are adorable, cute, funny, supporting, loving, and your dogs will stand by your side no matter what. They can help you through your tough times too. Whether you are feeling alone, or are suffering from a mental or emotional health condition. That’s why they are widely used as an emotional support dog. Having a dog at home is nothing less than a blessing and we all know how much dog-less people are missing out on. I have a dog, and his name is Freak. Now, hold up, I know what you are thinking, who names their dog ‘Freak’? Well, he’s a rescue pup, and the first words that came out of my mom’s mouth when I first brought him home were, “he’s such a cute freak!” So, yeah, then we named him Freak only. And he’s just so adorable!


Ah, I can go on for hours with this. I can write books on dogs and what they mean to me. But, let’s not get carried away and stick to our topic here. So, here are the top things that we all wish for our “best friends.”


We Always Wish to Hear Your Dog Speak

Ah, yes. If there’s one thing that every dog lover wants, it’s to hear our best-friend speak. Dogs do ‘speak’ in their language, they bark obviously. But, we can’t understand that, and I don’t know if they can understand what humans say either. They do talk to us by hanging their tongues out and wagging their tails but we always want to hear what they really want to say.


I’m sure you would like to have a genuine conversation with your dogs. I always try to figure out how Freak is feeling about a certain. For example, his food. But, I don’t think that God has any plans for completing this wish anytime soon. So, do you know how to make a ‘bark-to-English’ translator?


Do You Hate it When People Judge Dogs Based on Their Breed

This is racism! And I really feel sad whenever I see this. This has brought many dog breeds like pit bulls in a bad light. People ignore these dogs and make wrong perceptions about them. Some people even abuse these pure souls. But, the reality is different from this. These dogs are also very friendly, loving and gentle. In fact, pit bulls can be a great option if you have kids at home. Still, many breeds are treated in the wrong way because of this racism. And we all know that this is wrong.


We All Want Our Beloved Fur-Pals to Stay Pain-Free


Well, when we get hurt, we can speak about it. We have the ability to tell others about the pain we feel. But, that’s not the case with our four-legged companions. Many people don’t even have an idea when their dog is in pain or discomfort. Sometimes, wrong exercises can become a cause for some hidden injuries. These injuries can even shorten the lives of our doggos. Yeah, that’s scary.


But, wait there’s more to it. I have seen people still using those shock collars. Making your dogs wear these collars is the worst thing you can do to them. So, yeah, we wish that our dogs stay pain-free.


Happy Life And Good Health

Well, I think everyone would agree on this one. Dogs are not like humans, they just need our love to stay happy. They would wag their tails and smile from ear to ear whenever you come back home. And what can you do to make them happy? Just play with them, pet them, feed them good food and a lot of love. That’s all they need to stay happy. And keeping them healthy is what we all want.


Final Words


Dogs are more than our pets, they are our best friends and a big part of our family. We all love them and would do everything to keep them healthy and happy. And, these are things we all wish for our adorable dogs.