The Best Managers in The History of Football

Football has always been a man-managed game. Many times in the past, managers have played a crucial role in deciding the fate of the club. Players look up to them. And therefore, it requires the managers to have diverse knowledge and understanding of the game as well as human psychology.

One thing’s for sure. It’s not an easy job. A manager should be efficient in working with the players individually, and as a team, making them disciplined and motivated. He should be able to communicate effectively. He is the one making big differences in the ways the team works and thus driving the team to success.

Over the last few decades, we came across many successful football managers who, by working remarkably, changed the club’s fortune. But only a few could earn their names on the golden pages of the history of football.

Here’s our small list of top football managers of all time (in no particular order) who made it to history and earned the highest respect in the world of football.


Jurgen Klopp

A rising star in the world of football has been managing Liverpool since Oct 2015. This Stuggard-born manager started coaching in 2001 with the same team for which he played for 11 years.

He took charge of Borussia Dortmund in 2008 and rebuilt it’s fortune, taking it from 13th place in 2007-08 to winning back to back league titles and german cup in 2012-12. Dortmund remained unbeaten for 28 matches straight in 2012, and also reached the champion league finals in 2013 under Klopp.

Liverpool, under Klopp, reached three cups finals, including the 2018 Champion League, and finally won it in 2019.


Jose Mourinho

This Portuguese coach is best known for his all-round defenses. Before entering the football arena under Louis Van Gaal and Bobby Robson, he was a physical education teacher.

During his professional career as a manager, he won 4 domestic cups and 8 league titles with Chelsea, Porto, Real Madrid, and Inter. He lifted the UEFA cup in 2003 and won the Champions League in 2004 with Porto. His other achievements include Champions League in 2010 with Inter and Europa League with Manchester United in 2017.

Currently, Jose Mourinho is associated with Tottenham Hotspur F.C. since 2019.


Pep Guardiola

After playing for Barcelona as a defensive midfielder, he became the coach of the B team of the same club in 2007. Soon, in 2008, he got lifted to Barcelona’s team boss. He won a total of 14 trophies for Barcelona in 4 seasons, including 3 La Liga titles, 3 super cups, 2 European Super Cups, 2 Champion Leagues, 2 Domestic Cups, and 2 World Club Cups.

Then, in 2013, he went on to become the Bayern Munich manager and won the domestic double in his first season itself and then again in 2016. He further claimed 7 more trophies for Bayern.

In 2016, he started with Manchester City and won a league scoring the most goals, points, and wins for a single team in all of the history of the Premier League.


Arsene Wenger

This Frenchman has got a long 22-years career as a manager for Arsenal from 1996 to 2018. Despite the lack of any recent achievements, Wenger managed to keep Arsenal among the top of the English Football groups for around two decades.

During his spell, he won 3 league titles, 7 FA Cups, and in 2006 reached the finals of the Champions League. In 2003-04, one of the Arsenal teams under Wenger went unbeaten for an entire season.


Johan Cruyff

digital resume

This Dutchman is a great example of a great player becoming a great manager. Just like his playing career, his managing career was also a great success. Cryuff managed Barcelona and Ajex, leading both teams to several big titles wins, which included a Champion League for Barcelona.

During his career Cryuff won two UEFA winners cup, two La Liga championships, and European Cup, making him one of the best football managers in history.


Sir Alex Ferguson

This Scottish man is one of the most successful managers in all of the history of football. He’s widely known for his work with Manchester United. He started his coaching career in 1974 with East Stirlingshire but soon joined St Mirren. Here he took a second division team and transformed it into a first division champion in 1977.

Sir Ferguson won his first FA cup in 1990 with Manchester United. During his time, he won six FA Cups and four League cups. United also went on to claim 13 Premier League titles and two UEFA Champions League Trophies under him.

Overall, Sir Ferguson managed to win more than 30 trophies during his reign at Manchester United, thus making the list large enough to make his digital resume too big.


There are a lot of other legendary managers too. But the list gotta have a limit. If you think we missed your favorite, do mention them in the comment section. We’ll definitely try to add them next time.