Games That Will Help You Stay Connected During This Pandemic

It has finally happened, all of us are stuck inside our houses due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. If you are a lucky white-collar worker ( emails mostly), you are now probably working from home. If you are working in the industrial sector you are probably not doing anything.


Since things are quiet and social distancing is well in place, one can easily be overcome with gut-level anxiety that refuses to leave your side. Coronavirus has changed the fundamental way we interact with one another. What we need to do is keep our minds occupied till the dust settles. So, here is an eclectic list of games you can play to keep your mind off the coronavirus.


Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Go

What better way to stay inside the house than embracing a virtual game that allows you to go outside on a bold adventure. Pokemon has long been a favorite for people to play. With cute creatures and an interesting storyline, this game has all the elements of being a great way to pass time.


You have a new wild area to explore and great raid battles to attend. There are also gym battles complete with a great audience looking over while you use the new Dynamix ability. Catch ’em all and complete your Pokedex.


Sunset Overdrive

Being stuck inside does not have to be mundane. This over the top and cheesy confirms just that. You get to enter the supersaturated city of sunset to dash, grind, and jump with a sense of humor that can only be best described as irreverent.

Additionally, the game is pretty fit for our times as it is about stopping a virus spread by an irresponsible mega power. The virus transforms people into amazing energy fueled zombies that you have to defeat. If you ever had the fantasy of killing a virus with the help of bowling balls, then this might be your jam.



Riot games hit a home run with this game. This tactical shooter and first-person shooter game is a fan favorite that is still in beta testing and will probably see a global release this fall.  This is a great game and has been described as one of the most fun tactical shooter games. However, it may be a little difficult for one to level up and so a valorant boosting service might be a good idea for you.


Persona 5

For some people, this isolation might be a little harder than the others. Since it is self-imposed isolation you might even end up feeling a little suffocated. You might want to hit the gym, go to a movie, or just grab a drink at a bar. Basically go anywhere you might see a couple of people mingling, just to feel a little normal. Now, you can’t go out, I will not even recommend that. I can, however, recommend that you play Persona 5.

Set in modern-day Japan, the game follows a group of teen vigilantes as they spend their life balancing between being normal students and battling demons residing in metaphysical dungeons. What can help your condition is the things these characters do during their downtime which is going to the park, grabbing dinner with friends, and riding the subway; all things you can’t do.


Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

I’ll be honest, I have always had an on-off relationship with this game. Right now it might be off for me but if I look at my friend circle, this is one game that my friends are always ready to play. The constant updates, though great for the game, tend to give me an alienated feeling every time I log into the game.


Ultimately, times like these are about hanging out with people you love. So, it is important to accept whatever form it comes in. That is the only reason you will see me log into PUBG.



If you were as disappointed as me when Konami killed Silent Hill, then this one is great for you. I have tried a lot of horror games, each with varying success but this one truly keeps you on your toes.  It is an unpredictable adventure that is bound to get your heart racing irrespective of how many times you play it. Yes, certain set-pieces remain the same as they are essential for the story but a vast majority of aspects like the items and enemy placement constantly change.  With incredible sound design, consistent tension building, and a high replayability factor you have a near-perfect game at your disposal.


It is important to keep yourself occupied in these times and if it is via something as entertaining as a video game, then you should not miss out on the chance. So, get your consoles ready and immerse yourself into the virtual world. Do remember to get some sleep at times, otherwise, you will get puffy eyes on top of the existing anxiety.