5 Simple Tips To Ensure Your Pet Is Healthy

The day you get a furry animal into your home whether as a pet or as an emotional support dog, you officially become a parent. That means, a life depends on you. From their food and hygiene to exercise and doctor visits, you have to take care of all the important factors. The health of your pet becomes a priority. So if you are a new parent, it’s okay to feel a little lost. With so much responsibility it may get a little overwhelming. But don’t worry I can help you make a start.


All you have to do is follow these 5 simple tips that can help you ensure that your pet stays healthy and happy.


When a new child is born you get them vaccinated. Similarly when you get a new puppy or adopt a cat, you have to get it properly vaccinated irrespective of their age. This is to ensure that your pet has the immunity to fight against any preventable diseases and parasites. You can say that it’s a preventive measure.


Not only that, some vaccinations are important according to the area you live in or the lifestyle you have. For example, if you live in an area which has a lot of rattlesnakes or you have a habit of going on hikes with your pet in the wilderness, you must get your pet a rattlesnake vaccination. As it protects the pet from any future bites.


Vaccinations are an expense for now but save you a lot of money by preventing diseases that can easily be cured with a shot. So if you wish for your pet to have a happy and healthy life, get them vaccinated regularly.

Give them proper mental stimulation

Pets like dogs and cats have a lot of energy and they get an outlet with physical activities like running around the house and regular walks. But while physical stimulation is achieved with exercise, mental stimulation also has to be attained to maintain the overall wellbeing of your pet. You have to challenge their mind once a while. There are several ways in which you can do that.


The easiest way to stimulate their mind is by teaching them a new trick. Start with some of the most basic ones like a hand shake and then slowly move over to more tricky ones like the ‘stay’ command or ‘roll over’. Or you can play interactive games with them like finding which hand has a treat. You can even challenge their mind while doing your daily chores or giving yourself a spa session with new skincare products. Just buy them new toys. It will give them something new to explore and keep their mind busy.

Feed them healthy homemade meals once a while

Though dogs don’t have the same amount of taste receptors as humans but they do love a new treat every once a while. Also, in addition to the vet approved food, your pet’s diet must include some grains, veggies and meat. So when you have a day off from work, treat your pet with some homemade meals. There are dozens of recipes online that you can try. From a turkey bowl to a crockpot of delicious veggies, give a try to every recipe.


Just remember to consult your vet about the ingredients before feeding it to your pet.

A bone never hurts anybody

A bone is a dog’s best friend. Especially when you don’t want them chewing on your favorite pair of shoes or indoor plants. Dogs can greatly benefit with a bone (raw knuckle bones are the best). A bone helps maintain the oral health of your pet. It will give them a nice oral workout and also clean their teeth. Along with this, bones are a great source of calcium and minerals that a dog needs.


When giving your dog a bone, remember that it should not be cooked as it is more likely to splinter and cause injury. Always supervise your pet when you give them a bone and take it away after a few minutes.

Get them spayed or neutered

If you haven’t yet considered spaying or neutering your pet, let me give you some reasons why you should consider doing it. First of all, it helps your pets live longer. Because you are reducing their risk of testicular cancer in males or uterus infections in females. In addition to this, spaying and neutering helps improve the behaviour of the pet and allows you to keep them under control. Also, if you are not ready to take care of your pet’s offsprings, get them spayed or neutered.


Hope you have a better idea now about being a better parent for your pet. So remember to follow these simple tips for keeping your pet healthy and happy.