How Can You Organize Your Closet in 5 Easy Steps

How Can You Organize Your Closet in 5 Easy Steps

Can’t find your favourite green top that you bought on your birthday? Still have those pairs of jeans that don’t fit you anymore? Is the state of your closet giving you a headache? Well we have the perfect solution for you. Follow 5 easy steps to organize your closet and see how problems like this just vanish from your life.

Take Everything out of Your Closet

The first step when you decide to take on the task of organizing your closet is to take out everything from the closet and put it in a clean open area where you can see them. It can be the couch, the bed or even the floor if necessary, anywhere which gives you an open space to survey all the clothing items that were inside your closet. For a thorough cleaning this becomes the most important step.


Sometimes our closet has items we don’t really wear like skipping ropes, an iron, old boxes etc. We need to take them out as well and keep them elsewhere which makes this step the foundational one in the whole organizational setting up of our closet. Closet is only for clothes so be sure to remove any extra paraphernalia which has no connection with clothing.


Separate Clothes According to Seasons

The best way to arrange clothing inside your closet would be to keep them according to the seasons. This includes coats, dresses, shorts, skirts etc. Every clothing piece has a particular season that you wear that in, so arrange them according to that. The main problem arises when you can’t sort out certain items that you probably wear way too often. This makes these particular clothing items perfect for any or every season, so store them separately.

Pick out the main pieces like the jackets, skirts, crop tops which are your go to wear for a particular season and arrange them cleanly taking a long time. Categorize your clothes and then ascribe a particular area inside the closet for them according to the season it is worn in.

Create Three Separate Areas for Keep, Throw and Maybe

Divide the rest of the clothes that are left into keep, throw and maybe sections. This will further help you in simplifying the whole procedure of cleaning out your closet. Just fill some plastic bags according to these divisions. What you want will decide what stays and what goes, simple right? Without stressing too much you have divided the clothes according to the seasons you wear them in and then further divided the rest of the clothes on the basis of whether you still wear them or not.


Ask Yourself 7 Questions About Each Item

Now when you have decided that some of these items need to go, you can successfully ask a series of questions to help you in this process. Decide what should go or what should stay based on the following 7 questions:

Does it fit?
Does it flatter my figure?
Is it in good condition?
Is it a classic piece or just trendy and dated?
Have I worn it recently?
Do I feel confident when I wear it?
Does it represent me, where I am or want to be in life?

After successfully going through this little questionnaire, you will be able to identify the clothing items you still want and the ones you should let go of. Don’t spend a lot of time on each item as this can lead to overthinking and self doubt. Just chew on your favorite delta-8 THC gummies  to feel calm and composed and go through the process quickly for best results.

Put Everything Back in an Organized Way

Once you have gotten rid of the items you no longer want, you can put the other arranged piles inside your closet properly. Now you have the chance to further classify it as per convenience or the situations. Some people even choose to color coordinate their closet which is also an effective way to make your closet space look cleaner and less messy.


Following these 5 simple steps, will leave your closet looking super clean and tidy with everything in its right place. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it.