Things That You Should Always Carry In Your Purse

Things That You Should Always Carry In Your Purse

There are some things that are the ultimate necessity and some important ‘just in case’ saviours, whichever category they come in, these items are, well, a ‘must have’ and you should refrain from l;eaving your house without them.

For the longest time, I have avoided using a bag. As a fan of fancy phone covers, I used to use them to not only save my phone but keep my cash and cards as well. But does that mean my life was simple? It was hell of a mess to say the least. Every other day I would end up in a situation where I would need something but would either have to wait until I reach home or purchase it right then and there. But I still found bags an unnecessary burden that I was not ready to handle at all.

Finally, I decided to start keeping a bag with me and I started with keeping a few items that were extremely essential along with some ‘just in case’ items. With time these essentials in my bag increased and now I have a bag full of items that can save me in any and every situation.

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This has to be the first one on the list. I have a wallet dedicated to all my cash, keys, cards, and ID proof. Even if I have to change my bag, I will simply shift this wallet to that bag and I am good to go. Keeping a wallet ensures that all my important papers are in one place and I don’t have to search the whole bag for a dollar.


There are a few items that I always keep in my bag which come handy at least once in a month. Yep, I am talking about pads, tampons, panty liners, scrunchie, and tissue papers. Again, this is kept in another bag just to keep them away from other items. In this bag I even keep skincare products that I cannot live without such as sunscreen, hand cream, and vaseline.


Another important thing that I guess becomes an integral part of life once you turn 25. I don’t know why and when this happened but now I have medications and first aid in my bag. I keep medicines for headache, cough and cold, bandaids, sanitizer, and marijuana gummies in my bag, ALWAYS.

Power Bank

I used to keep my charger with me before this one. One day, my phone’s battery was almost exhausted and I had nowhere to plug in my charger. I had to use google maps and well because of the low battery I couldn’t turn on the internet, everything seemed so blurry, I couldn’t figure out what to do. Well, I reached the place after a little struggle but ordered a power bank that very night. I have never left my place without it after that incident.

Mints and Snacks

I am an advocate of keeping at least something to munch on, in your bag. You never know when you will feel like having something and there won’t be anything. I keep mint gums in case I feel like having something flavoured and a few nuts and seeds in a small container so that I can munch on something healthy and don’t end up buying chips.


I don’t really like the idea of keeping a journal or a notebook in a bag especially when you are going close but a small diary and a pen is something I always have with me. This too was not an abrupt decision. An incident led me to always keep this in my bag. I know we have our phones with us where we can write literally everything but sometimes you just have to write something down for someone else and you will need a diary to write it down in.

These are a few items that I always keep with me. I haven’t added phone and earphones in the list because I don’t think nobody forgets that.