Top 5 Fashion Capitals of the World

Top 5 Fashion Capitals of the World

Are you someone who has been drooling over the latest pictures of the supermodels from the New York Fashion Week 2021? Well don’t worry, so is the rest of the world. Even if you’re not a fashion enthusiast there is nothing that will stop you from admiring the stunning dresses that are paraded around on such platforms. However there are certain places in the world where the craze behind fashion is a little more elevated than the rest. Which are these places and what is so special about them, let’s find out.

New York

The recently held New York Fashion Week, which was alluded to in the introduction already makes New York, the first place that pops up in the head of anyone when talking about fashion. The beautiful clothes that are featured on the streets of New York City are enough to make anyone gasp out loud. This stunning city is one which every fashionistas in the world can’t wait to explore. When one talks about the super special New York Fashion Week which is held in the Big Apple, attending it feels like a dream come true for many. Not only is this occasion marked by the presence of the most popular celebrities, designers and models but is also highlighted as a way of extending reach to the common people to engage in the fashion world.


This birthplace of many leading fashion brands like Versace, Armani and Prada is proof enough of the importance of this fashion capital of the world. The influence of Italian fashion is irrefutable and most obvious. Being supremely stunning to even stroll through, the streets feature the numerous popular brands that any shopper can visit and buy some of their best pieces of clothing ever. The many fashion choices will decide whether you even fit into the Milan crowd so take your favorite edibles and choose carefully.


Another popular location in the world of fashion is Paris. Paris holds the biggest and most successful fashion event, like the Paris Fashion Week twice every year. Each member of the fashion royalty makes sure to be in attendance and spend a considerable amount of money and time to purchase the chicest outfits of the season. Apart from just the splendid collection of fashion clothes that are the major attractions of the city of Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre also invite millions of people across the globe.


The only fashion capital that lies to the east, as opposed to all the western main fashion locations included in this list, is Tokyo. One of the upcoming exotic fashionistas paradise, this city is responsible for some of the boldest and quirkiest fashion trends of all times. Fashion exceeds all boundaries of gender, and breaks all forms of stereotypes that are quite prevalent in the western world. Breakthrough fashion emerges from every corner and even the common people consciously take great decisions to create something beautiful out of their everyday dresses or outfits.


Who doesn’t love hearing the sexy accents of the young English models in their striking ensembles roaming around the streets of this beautiful fashion capital? Relatively newer in terms of hosting special fashion events, the first London Fashion Week in 2018 was a huge success. However, the fantastical innovations of the designers from London cannot be found anywhere else in the world. With a weather that is predominantly cold, there is no dearth of experimentations in the fashion bubble of London. So the best tip for any fashionista who is super interested in visiting the country should pack their bags and be ready, but always make sure to pack the furriest coats and warmest blazers also.