5 Things You Can Do to Protect Your House

How to Protect Your Home

Your house is supposed to be your safe haven. It is that one place where you, your family and even your pets are safe and comfortable. Not only this, but your house is probably your most prized possession as well. Therefore, keeping it protected is a priority for every homeowner.

When it comes to setting up a security plan for your house, 5 things are extremely crucial. Let’s discuss them here.

Install a Proactive Security System

Before you get excited about moving into a new home, you must always invest in a proactive camera system. This forms the basis of your security system, a high quality infrared camera system that covers all corners of your house and backyard (or frontyard). The cameras that you install should be capable of detecting any movement and alerting you or the authorities when movement is not expected. For instance, when you’re at work or sleeping in your bedroom, you can schedule your cameras to begin recording the rest of the house in your absence.

Depend on Smart Home Automation

Technology has gone a long way, you can now remotely control a majority of appliances and electronics at home. From monitoring temperature, lighting or appliances to controlling alarm systems, access control systems and the internet, a lot can be done with a high-tech home automation system. While a camera system might save you from external threats, this system gives you a clear estimate of internal threats. For instance, smoke and CO2 sensors inside the house can alert you in case an appliance has been left operating for too long, or if there are any gas leaks inside the house. This can save you from a lot of repairs and possible harm to your family.

Lock Down on Your WiFi Network

Secure your WiFi

Your WiFi network is an access point to all your personal and financial information. While home automation gadgets are crucial for the ease, comfort and security that they provide, they can also make your personal information more vulnerable. As you keep on adding devices onto a weak network, breachers find more access points to try and break into the system. Therefore, to secure your house network you must follow some basic tips. These including securing your wireless router, using a firewall, enabling WiFi protected access encryption, installing antivirus and anti-malware protection, etc.

Apply for Homeowners Insurance

Now imagine yourself in a situation where you’ve spent your heart, time and money in using different ways to make your house more beautiful and then one day, an unfortunate event takes it all away. While there are hundreds of ways you can strengthen the security of your house, you can never eliminate the possibility of a break-in or infringement. As a homeowner, you must be prepared for such occurrences too. The best way to prepare yourself is by applying for a homeowner’s insurance. With this type of policy, you can secure your house and pocket against break-ins, burglaries or losses due to fire, hail, smoke, falling objects, vandalism and more.

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Stay Upgraded

Just like you invest in new mobile devices and keep your appearances up-to-date, you home requires a similar sort of maintenance. Regularly updating your security system is one of the most important safety measures that you can take. If you still have an analog camera system installed at your place, you’re basically offering your house up for grabs. With no proactive system in place and no sensors to detect movement, it’ll be hours before you realize someone has broken-into your house. Similarly, don’t let your door with hinge problems or misaligned button wall plates stay that way. All access points into your home, including doors, windows, as well as security access points like your WiFi network and all smart appliances should be well protected.

These pointers can help you keep your house protected from all sorts of troubles that come your way.